Hai Liang

COMM3650 (2019-2020 Term 1)
Teacher: Prof. LIANG Hai (NAH424)

NAH209: Th 2:30 PM - 5:15 PM

Syllabus with Textbooks and readings.

W1 (05/09)    Introduction                                                           [How to Email Your Professor ] [Excel for Data]

W2 (12/09)    Data Collection/APIs

W3 (19/09)    Data Collection/APIs (NYT)

W4 (26/09)    Data Collection/APIs (YouTube)

W5 (03/10)    Data Collection/APIs (YouTube+)

W6 (10/10)    Data Collection/Scraping (XPath)                        [Video on XPath]

W7 (17/10)    Data Collection/Scraping (Forum)

W8 (24/10)    Data Visualization/Excel                                       [Viz]   

W9 (31/10)    Text Mining/Keywords Extraction                       [Individual Project Due] 

W10 (07/11)  No Class (working on final projects!)

W11 (14/11)  Text Mining/Topic Extraction

W12 (21/11)  Text Mining/Sentiment Extraction

W13 (28/11)  Final (Group) Presentation

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