§  2021-2023     Co-Principal Investigator, (Mis)communication, Trust, and Information Environments: A Comparative Study of the COVID-19 “Infodemics” in Four Chinese Societies, Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) by Hong Kong Government (RGC), 3,067,301 HKD

§  2021-2022     Principal Investigator, The Political Consequences of Uncivil Talk on Social Media: Political Emotion, Attitude, and Participation in Hong Kong, General Research Fund (GRF) by Hong Kong Government (RGC), 371,000 HKD

§  2019-2020     Principal Investigator, The Ideological Bias of Perceived Incivility Online: A Survey Experiment in Hong Kong, Direct Grant by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 86,400 HKD

§  2018-2019     Co-Investigator, Tracking Public Opinion through Real-time Textual Mining: A Public Service Platform with Big Data-based Approach, General Research Fund (GRF) by Hong Kong Government, 1,124,418 HKD

Hai Liang