Hai Liang

Courses at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • COMM3650: Social Media Analytics for Communication Professionals
  • COMM5520: Applied Communication Research
  • COMM5631: Digital Humanities: Methods and Tools 
  • COMM6320: Digital Research

Computational Tools

Courses at The University of Hong Kong

  • JMSC1003: Statistics for Journalists (for undergraduate students)
  • JMSC6041: Social Media Analytics for Journalists (for master students)

Workshops on Computational Approach

  • 2014 CityU/2014 Fudan/2015 CityU/2015 Fudan/2015 Hejun/2016 Bejing Normal U/2016 Shenzhen U/2016 NII Tokyo/2016 CityU/2017 ICA San Diego [Slides]/2018 CUHK Library [Slides] /2018 Shenzhen U [Slides]/2019 CUHK Librar/2019 Shenzhen U [Slides]/[x]